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shocked monkeys
shocked monkeys

Should you wake up and find that Windows 10 is shoving woke iconography in your face then this is what you need to do.

I've recently been noticing that pictures and icons seem to have been appearing in the Search bar/box of my Windows 10 laptop. Sometimes I have absolutely no idea what the images represent but one came up recently which is obvious. Pride.

The image was of a couple of rainbows of various hues intersecting with each other.

Seems that being able to look away when Christine Aguilera is waving her strap-on in your face isn't enough, we must be made to face Pride in all its glory wherever we are.

OK, to remove such imagery do the following:

Right-Click on the Taskbar and select Search Highlights Off.

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Chris Hall

Christian, father, husband, metallurgist, adhesives technologist.

Shocked, but not surprised by the way the world is going.

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