Never forget where Marxism leads

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Soviet anti-religious poster
Soviet anti-religious poster

When Marxism rears its ugly head persecution of people of faith will follow.


Scratch the surface of many 'social justice' and 'environmental' organisations today and you'll soon find the seedy underbelly of Marxism or Cultural Marxism. Behind the virtuous rhetoric there lies the desire to grab power by any means other than democracy. We always need to remember where this leads to. Death, especially death for Christians, Muslims, Jews. History shows it to be so. Soviet Union. People's Republic of China. Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Today shows it to be so. Uighur Muslims. Never forget.

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I'm someone who came to faith as an adult after a short period of searching for something. I wasn't raised in the church or in any denomination so everything about faith has been new to me. You can read my testimony here.

My family background has been nominal Christian with a strong working class ethos. I tend to have strong moral values but am an economic liberal in the English tradition.

Happily married with 2 dogs, 2 cats and grown up children.

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