Statues of Liberty

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Statues of Liberty

There's an interesting post on the Blogging Theology website asking the question as to why Karl Marx's staue in Highgate Cemetery hasn't been vandalised.

Paul highlights the racist and anti-semitic views of Marx, which would make his memorial a prime target for the current BlackLivesMatter / Antifa crowd who seem determined to pull down any structure that is antithecal to their iconoclast ideology and worldview. After all, there are now a good number of statues that have been removed worldwide at the behest of the mob with or without official approval.

I did try to post a comment on the site but WordPress wouldn't allow me for some reason, so I thought I'd add it here.

Marx's Memorial does get attacked, last time was in 2019 I believe.

An interesting comment in one of the media articles at the time goes "I wouldn’t like to say who or why someone did it but it was clearly someone very critical of Marx and that part of history. I am just surprised that somebody in 2019 feels they need to and do something like that.”

I expect that 2020 is a very confusing time for them.

Strange times indeed.

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